About the book

About the book

economie vandaag Author: Kasper Bormans

Unique method to improve contact with people with dementia

In the memory palace technique (Method of Loci), visible objects are selected with the person with dementia in his/her familiar environment (at home / residential setting), such as a table, tea cup, stove, painting or bed. These objects are linked to positive memories of loved ones. Subsequently, persons with dementia can walk this route of selected objects on a daily basis, by themselves or with assistance from their environment, helped by a caregiver, a friend, a grandchild… 

This technique stimulates the areas in the brain associated with the ability to visualize images. These brain regions are known to be affected later on in the process of the disease. The goal of the memory palace is to keep people in their familiar context as long as possible or to make them feel more ‘at home’ in their residential setting. MemoryHome increases their well-being, encourages them to move actively and through the shared activity new topics of conversation keep being raised.


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About the author


Kasper Bormans (1987) is a PhD researcher at the Leuven School for Mass Communication Research (KULeuven). He is the author of the successful book ‘What Alz?’, inventor of the surprising 'Game of Imagination' and he develops virtual memory palaces for people with dementia and other techniques to improve communication. He also gives (internationally) valued lectures on these topics. 

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